Crossbows allow bowhunters to hunt sooner, longer and with deadly accuracy.


Whether you hunt with a traditional bow, compound bow or a crossbow you need to be close to kill an animal with an arrow.  Compounds bow cams give bow hunters a flatter arrow trajectory coupled with a longer holding time at full draw compared to traditional bows.  Crossbows offer five distinct advantages over vertical bows that allow the bowhunters to head afield sooner and more often, bowhunt longer in colder temperatures and shoot tighter groups sooner.

Shooting Rest


The design of a crossbow with its horizontal limbs easily allow resting the stock for stability.  Assisted stability without the use of muscles allows for longer holding times on target, practically limitless.  Without muscle fatigue a factor, tighter shooting groups at farther distances will result.

No Interference

bulky clothing

Sitting still for long periods of time allowing the animals to come past you is one preferred method of bowhunting.  Sitting still during the cooler late season requires additional clothing layers to keep warm.  Bulky clothing interferes with strings and form on that of compound or traditional bow.  With a crossbow, bulky clothing or gloves/mitts are not an issue.  Additionally, since a crossbow is preloaded before a hunter gets cold, muscles are not required to energize the bow.


Shooting crossbow

No drawing motion exists for crossbow hunters.  After spanning, crossbows are ready to release an arrow by switching the safety off and squeezing the trigger, both extremely small movements easily disguised when an animal is in close.  Because of the lack of movement, the hunter does not need to decide when to draw, another huge benefit as they can simply follow the movement of their prey within the sight until it enters a clear shooting lane.

Shooting Position

prone position

With the drawing motion excluded, the prone shooting position becomes possible with crossbow hunting opening up a barrage of new ambushing locations.  A popular exciting bowhunt for antelope involves two hunters working as a team, one being the shooter, the other using a decoy and range finder to assist the shooter.  With a crossbow, the shooter could lie down in the tall grass underneath the decoy and be ready to shoot without the assistance of a partner, enabling a single man bowhunt.  Ambushing from wide open fields becomes a real possibility with crossbows as the chosen weapon.

Quick Accuracy


Crossbow shooters can become proficient out to 50 meters within minutes of trying one, without the rigid practice regime of vertical bow shooting.   With shooting rests and pre-calibrated scope, accurate shots ranging from 5-60 metres are quickly setup and executed.  

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