Numbers game: Fall 2016 edition

From 18 to 1.5 billion—numbers that Canadian outdoorsfolk need to know

If you love the outdoors, you need to pay attention these facts and figuresl.



Anniversary of Benelli’s Super Black Eagle II (above), which has become the semi-auto shotgun of choice for waterfowlers across North America.


3International Institute for Sustainable Development

Amount of funding Fisheries and Oceans Canada recently committed over two years to the Experimental Lakes Area (above), the world-renowned freshwater research station threatened with closure by the former federal Conservative government.



Estimated number of black bears killed in the Revelstoke, B.C., area this past summer due to human conflict. Half were killed by conservation officers, the rest by residents.



Funding announced by the federal government to support recreational fisheries conservation projects over the next three years.



Decline since 1970 in North America’s bird population—excluding ducks and geese—due to habitat destruction and climate change. The population now stands at 10 billion, according to the U.S.-Canada Partners in Flight report.