In season: lake trout

To find suspended lakers, you need to find their food. Here’s how

Whenever you’re ice fishing for lake trout, which frequently suspend in the water column, pay close attention to where you find open-water, pelagic baitfish—and adjust your tactics accordingly. If you spot schools of baitfish on your sonar screen that are confined and swimming in 30 feet of water, for example, locate some nearby structures, such as sunken reefs, humps and rock piles, that top out around the same depth.

1Scott Gardner

You don’t have to be precise, just in the same ballpark. Predatory fish such as lake trout love to patrol the hard edges of structure, using key pieces of isolated cover to conceal themselves while they wait to attack their prey.


 Outdoor Canada's fishing editor Gord Pyzer is a long-time lake trout aficionado.

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