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Secrets of the pros
Oct 30, 2010
We sent our exclusive surveys to approximately 800 Canadian hunting outfitters. About 85 responded from across the country, which is outstanding considering it was conducted during their busy booking season. Combined, their hunting experience total 2,580 years. I...
Tips for moose hunting success
Oct 22, 2010
Forget Bullwinkle. For a good hunt, you need to take the moose seriously
9 hunting tips from Canadian outfitters
Oct 19, 2010
In addition to providing species-specific tips for the big game...
Hunting adventure: Moose
Dec 1, 2008
Our guide on hunting moose by canoe in Northern Ontario
Hunting adventure: Stone's sheep
Nov 1, 2008
How to hunt Stone's sheep by backpack in the Cassiar Mountains, B.C.
Hunting adventure: Muskox
Oct 15, 2008
How to hunt muskox by snowmobile and komatik in the N.W.T.
Hunting deer in November
Aug 31, 2008
Why you should go for trophy whitetails in Alberta
Hunting adventure: Mountain goats
Nov 20, 2007
A primer on hunting mountain goats by backpack in the Coast Mountains, B.C.
Hunting adventure: Bighorn sheep
Nov 13, 2007
A primer on how to hunt bighorn sheep by horse & backpack in the Willmore Wilderness Park, Alberta
Moose hunting in October
Aug 31, 2007
Where to go and what to do to get a trophy bull in Newfoundland
7 ways to make one shot count
Aug 15, 2007
Help make sure your one shot is the right shot, especially with top targets
Hunting adventure: Polar bear
Mar 1, 2007
How to hunt polar bear by dogsled on the frozen Beaufort Sea
Lessons in deer hunting
Nov 2, 2006
Tips and tricks on scouting, rattling, decoys, calls and more
10 deer hunting mistakes and their solutions
Oct 1, 2006
More often than not, whitetail hunters head home empty-handed—and that's...
5 tips for hunting bull moose
Oct 1, 2006
Hunting bull moose after the rut? Well, put away those calls. To bag your moose you'll have to go to him. Here's how
How to hunt pronghorn antelope
Mar 4, 2006
The unique pronghorn makes for one of the continent's most remarkable hunts
Meat-lover's guide to eating moose
Aug 15, 2003
How one hunter wastes nothing when transforming moose to meal
The best time to call moose
Aug 15, 2002
Nothing beats the call for getting up close and personal with big bulls
Improve your rattling technique
Oct 1, 2001
Although I've rattled as part of my whitetail-hunting routine for...
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