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Western Sportsman Subscribers

Western Sportsman has merged with Outdoor Canada magazine to create a special new western edition Outdoor Canada West. You are now receiving Outdoor Canada for all remaining issues in your subscription. If you were subscribing to both titles your subscription will be combined and extended.

For further questions you can call 1-800-898-8811 or refer to the letter inside your Fishing 2015 issue of Outdoor Canada.

Wildlife Federation Members

Starting with the Fishing 2015 issue, members will receive their federation content in Outdoor Canada West magazine instead of the Outdoor Edge, which has been discontinued. You will notice a special cover on the association copies showing the federation logos, and includes 16 pages of your federation news.

If you also have a regular paid subscription to Outdoor Canada you can contact customer service via email at outdoorcanada@cdsglobal.ca or 1-800-898-8811 for further options.

If you have questions about your association copy or you are getting duplicate copies through your association, please contact them directly:

Alberta Fish & Game – 1-780-437-2342/membership@afga.org

Sask Wildlife Federation  – 1-306-692-8812/sask.wildlife@sasktel.net

Manitoba Wildlife Fed – 1-204-633-5967/swiggett@mwf.mb.ca

Yukon Fish & Game – 1-867-667-4263


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