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Farm-country moose: Hunting big bulls in wide-open agricultural land

Image Via: Mike Hungle

Down on the farm

Across Canada, moose inhabit pockets of prime cover in the midst of farmland—and that makes for a whole different kind of fall harvest


Spotting and stalking is another option that works well both in the early and late season. This tactic is so effective because moose are on the move during the rut, as well as later in the year to feed on high-protein cereal crops when the temperature drops. They’ll cross vast open spaces of agricultural lands while travelling between the small islands of marshes and tree clumps scattered throughout the farmland.

Once you spot a bull, you usually have to move in closer for a shooting opportunity. If the moose is feeding in the open or on the edge of some trees, a true stalk must take place. Advance with the wind in your face, and where possible, keep some type of cover or terrain between you and the moose to remain hidden. If you’re forced to move toward the moose without any cover, move slowly. Quick actions will put bulls on high alert, but slow movements don’t seem to bother them.

Mike Hungle
Mike Hungle

When a bull is on the move, try to get in a position where you can ambush him or cut him off. Move quickly and always aim for a cut-off point well ahead of the moose. Bulls can cover a lot of ground in short order, even when walking slowly.

During midday, you can also try setting up a drive to push bulls out of any available cover, such as a stand of trees. Quietly position one or two hunters in hiding spots to watch over escape routes, then have other hunters walk through the cover to force the moose into the open. The pushers should walk into the wind, as the moose will also want to work into the wind. Unlike deer, which often circle around the pushers and run out the back door or sit tight, moose will typically trot out of the trees and into the open. Once clear of the trees, they’ll stop to look back to see what startled them, then slowly head toward another bedding area.

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