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Looking for a challenge? How about tackling monster channel catfish on a fly rod
Jun 10, 2016
All you need are basic trout-fishing skills, stout tackle and the courage to try ...
Fly fishing for pike? Don't overlook this crucial piece of tackle
May 19, 2016
When you’re tackling toothy critters, tough wire tippets are crucial
Fly fishing high water this spring? Here's how to hook up on opening day
Apr 17, 2016
River fishing can be tricky in the early season, but it's well worth it
How 40 minutes a week can make you an excellent fly caster
Apr 14, 2016
Hit the lawn to work on skills and run these drills—you’ll be shocked by your improvement
Tackle week 2016: 5 essential new accessories for fly anglers
Apr 8, 2016
The year’s best packs, fly boxes, tying materials and apparel
Tackle week 2016: Best new fly rods, reels, lines and wading gear
Apr 7, 2016
The year’s best new fly-fishing tackle blends innovation, tradition and value
7 easy-to-tie flies that will catch fish anywhere in Canada
Feb 22, 2016
These fundamental flies practically guarantee fish—even for novice anglers
Why that trophy fish broke your fly rod and got away
Jan 13, 2016
Follow these tips for fighting big ones, and next time you’ll land that lunker
Everything you wanted to know about fly reels, but were afraid to ask
Dec 30, 2015
Essential tips for the simplest part of your fly-fishing set-up
Trout treat: Late-season fly fishing in southern Ontario
Nov 27, 2015
Outdoor Canada visits the Franklin Club and hooks up with some stunning autumn beauties
7 fishing hot spots in southern Ontario
Nov 10, 2015
A Bass Pro Shops angling expert shares his top bass, pike, steelhead and walleye waters
Why it’s time to add a few extra terrestrials to your fly box
Sep 14, 2015
For fast fall action, nothing beats grasshopper, beetle and ant flies
How to fly fish for bass and pike in the weeds
Aug 10, 2015
These 3 fly styles will let you avoid snags and hook hidden fish
Expert secrets revealed: How to sight-fish for carp on the fly
Jul 27, 2015
What you need to know about gear, flies and stalking these huge, wary and powerful fish
If you're a fly angler, you need a few of these brilliant leaders
May 25, 2015
Easy-to-use sinking leaders let you fish deep without a sink-tip line
How minimizing your gear can make you a better fly angler
Apr 20, 2015
If you’re feeling like a fly-fishing beast of burden, it’s time to embrace the simple life
6 essential new accessories for fly anglers
Apr 10, 2015
2015’s best packs, fly boxes, tools, tying materials and clothes
2015’s best fly rods, reels and lines
Apr 8, 2015
This exceptional new hardware blends innovation with quality and value
Why every fly angler needs a Sex Dungeon (fly)
Jan 7, 2015
The sexy articulated streamer that can help you seduce the biggest fish
How to fly cast in the wind
Nov 3, 2014
Tricks to keep you casting effectively, even on the most blustery days
Secrets of setting the hook with a fly rod
Jul 21, 2014
Are you doing the Bubba Heave? If so, you’re missing fish
The wet-fly swing: a simple and classic fly fishing technique
Jun 16, 2014
Try this technique for a fast, efficient way to cover large sections of river
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