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Gunning for Your First Gobbler? Check Out These 6 Essential Tips

Ken Bailey

The Greenhorn Gobbler Guide

A turkey tenderfoot’s take on how to topple a tricky tom (or not)

Howard Communications
Howard Communications

Lesson #3: Concealing

Turkeys have otherworldly eyesight, so full camouflage—including a face mask—is critical. A gobbler knows his territory like you know your living room, and anything that looks the least bit out of place is sure to attract his attention.

Getting yourself comfortable with your back against a tree is equally important. With no shortage of turkey seats on the market, I can’t say that one is necessarily better than the other—just choose a model that’s comfortable for you. The more relaxed you are, the less likely you are to fidget at precisely the wrong time.

Also make sure that your calls, binos, water bottle and anything else you might want, including your shotgun, can be accessed with absolutely minimal movement—one false move when a tom is within eyesight can mean game over. Murphy’s Law is never far away when turkey hunting.

Ken Bailey

Ken Bailey

An all-around hunter, Ken Bailey enjoys pursuing waterfowl the most. Based in Edmonton, Outdoor Canada's longtime hunting editor Ken Bailey has hunted every major Canadian game animal, in every corner of the country. For many years, he’s shared his deep knowledge of game behaviour, and wide expertise with all manner of firearms with OC's readers. His work has been recognized numerous times by both the Outdoor Writers of Canada and the National Magazine Awards. Ken is a committed conservationist, dedicated to habitat preservation, sustainable harvests, and passing along our hunting heritage to the next generation. He's also an avid fly fisherman, and a pretty darn good game chef.

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