The 8 simple tools you need to start gunsmithing at home

Image Via: Lowell Strauss

Firearms fixers

Working on your own rifles and shotguns is easier than you think. Here’s how


Lowell Strauss
Lowell Strauss

Before working on any firearm, always ensure it’s unloaded. Safety first! You can easily solve many firearm problems with a thorough cleaning and some lubrication. Scrubbing the bore restores accuracy, and removing grit and grime from the action ensures the gun goes bang when it should. To get your rifle or shotgun squeaky clean, you’ll need solvent to remove fouling, and gun oil to prevent rust and reduce friction on the moving parts. I like to use CLP—an all-in-one cleaner, lubricant and preservative—to simplify the process. Get a cleaning rod to push solvent- and oil-soaked patches and brushes down the bore, and swabs to remove grime from the action.

Lowell Strauss

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