2015’s Best New Hunting Gear: 6 Superb Rifles

2015's Best New Rifles

From Affordable Bolt-actions, to Long-range Smokepoles to Updated Classics, There's Something for Every Shooter

Our exclusive roundup of the year’s top new rifles for the Canadian wilds. Also see the year’s best shotguns, optics, ammo and accessories and, coming later this week, apparel.

American Rifle Left-handed

American Rifle Left-handed
American Rifle Left-handed

Southpaw shooters such as me are always on the lookout for left-handed sporting arms and Ruger has answered the call with a left-hand version of its popular American Rifle. Economically priced, it includes the same attributes that led to the original bolt-action’s successful introduction in 2012: an adjustable trigger, rotary magazine, free-floated barrel, tang safety and scope bases. The available calibres range from .22-250 to .30-06.

(603) 865-2424; www.ruger.com

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