Why Bon Echo Provincial Park will keep anglers (and their families) coming back

Fishing and Fun at Bon Echo

Southeastern Ontario Gem Has Beaches, Abundant Wildlife, Family Activites and Lots of Fish

As associate editor of Outdoor Canada magazine, I get the opportunity to fish in a lot of different locales, so when I go back to the same place three times in a season, you know it’s pretty great.

Eastern Ontario’s Bon Echo Provincial Park is just such a place. Situated on Mazinaw Lake, at the southern tip of the Canadian Shield, the park’s most dramatic feature is the 100-metre tall, 1,500-metre-long Mazinaw Rock (above), a stunning cliff that drops into the depths of the lake. And Mazinaw Rock is both a natural wonder and a cultural wonder. At water level, it’s adorned with 260 pictographs, painted centuries ago by the region’s indigenous inhabitants. Incredibly, some of the red-ochre images are more than 1,000 years old.

As for the sprawling park’s facilities, it has RV-, car- and backcountry camping, plus yurts and cabins, and interior paddle- and hike-in sites. Other amenities include several natural sand beaches, numerous hiking trails and daily interpretive programs. And yes, there are also fish, and plenty of ’em.

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