2017’s Best Hunting Gear: The Year’s Top 10 Firearms and Loads

Top 10 Firearms and Ammo

The Latest Rifles, Shotguns and Loads from Stoeger, Browning, Benelli, Ruger, Winchester and More

Model 700 AWR
Model 700 AWR

Model 700 AWR

Designed specifically to withstand the harshest climates, Remington’s Model 700 American Wilderness Rifle features a Cerakote finish on all stainless steel components, making the action and barrel near-impervious to corrosion. Featuring a 24-inch free-floated barrel with 5R rifling that improves accuracy and reduces the need for frequent cleaning, the Model 700 AWR will be available in six popular calibres.

1-800-243-9700; www.remington.com

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