2017’s Best Hunting Gear: The Year’s Top 10 Firearms and Loads

Top 10 Firearms and Ammo

The Latest Rifles, Shotguns and Loads from Stoeger, Browning, Benelli, Ruger, Winchester and More

Vanguard Camilla
Vanguard Camilla

Vanguard Camilla

Designed by and for women, Weatherby’s Vanguard Camilla is decidedly not another pink rifle. In fact, the overall ergonomics have never been better in a women’s factory rifle. The recoil pad’s toe is canted away from the body for a comfortable fit on the shoulder and chest, while the high comb helps ensure quick target acquisition. And the fluted bolt, 20-inch barrel and short, slim fore-end help reduce the overall weight.

1-800-227-2023; www.weatherby.com

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