2017’s Best Hunting Gear: The Year’s Top 10 Firearms and Loads

Top 10 Firearms and Ammo

The Latest Rifles, Shotguns and Loads from Stoeger, Browning, Benelli, Ruger, Winchester and More

Varmint X Lead Free
Varmint X Lead Free

Varmint X Lead Free

Those looking for an alternative to lead bullets for hunting predators will want to check out Winchester’s Varmint X Lead Free. Polymer-tipped to reduce deformation while enhancing downrange accuracy, the hollow-point bullets promise to explode on impact. For 2017, they’re available in 15-grain .17 WSM, 38-grain .223 and .22-250 and 55-grain .243 Win. loads.

1-800-333-3288; www.winchester.com

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