Outdoor Canada’s 2019 Father’s Day gift guide

Great gifts for dads who hunt and fish



Does Dad have a fish brain? If not, maybe it’s time to get him one. The angling social media network Fishbrain (which has 7 million users including 5 million in North American) has recently launched Fishbrain BiteTime, a fishing forecast, designed to provide users with the best time to catch a particular species, on any given body of water.

The tool uses data from the 5.4 million catches already logged on the app, and over 30 geographical attributes (including sun altitude, moon phase, temperature, air pressure and wind speed), to present, in the form of easy-to-follow bar graphs, the optimal time to catch a particular type of fish on any given body of water around the world. The app covers 50 species of gamefish, including most of our most popular catches here in Canada.


Learn more: www.fishbrain.com

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