Ice-fishing Friday: 2020’s best new hardwater tackle, electronics, augers and more

Gear on ice

Cool new tackle, apparel and accessories for hitting the hardwater

Every Friday this winter we’ll be sharing Outdoor Canada’s top ice fishing tips for 2020. Check back regularly to learn about the latest tackle, tips and techniques for icing more walleye, perch, northern pike, lake trout, crappies and whitefish. And you can see all of this year’s ice-fishing secrets at

Have you dusted off your ice-fishing equipment yet for the hardwater season ahead? You just might find that your arsenal is in need of, well, a little updating. From electronics to jigs to shelters, our annual roundup of the top new gear for ice anglers has you covered.

Please note that some of these items are just entering the market, so contact the manufacturers for prices and availability.

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