3 Great Canadian Early-season Fishing and Hunting Trips

Getaways for Spring 2018

Hit the road for colossal St. Lawrence carp, trophy Manitoba trout and an awesome Alberta snow goose hunt

Len Perdic
Len Perdic

St. Lawrence River

According to carp-catching guru Len Perdic, the St. Lawrence River between Kingston and Cornwall, Ontario, offers the best carp fishing in the world. The fish are huge, averaging 25 to 35 pounds, with plenty of 50- to 70-pound goliaths in the mix. To catch these big-river carp, Perdic says any nine-foot or longer steelhead or catfish rod spooled with at least 200 yards of line will do. Sweet corn presented on a hair rig is your best bait bet, he says. Canadian Carpin’ Holidays can arrange guides and accommodations.

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—Gord Pyzer

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