3 Hot (and Cool!) Winter Fishing and Hunting Getaways

Wild Winter Getaways for 2018

Get out there for beautiful backcountry trout, cattle-country coyotes and Manitoba’s monster lakers and pike

Gord Pyzer
Gord Pyzer

Haliburton Highlands

Central Ontario’s Haliburton Highlands are dotted with small, scenic lakes, stocked annually by the province with brook and rainbow trout, and splake. Here, you typically have the best success when you keep it old school. Drill a hole in two to five feet of water, plant a willow branch in a mound of slush and loop on a set line baited with a small, lively minnow. When the willow starts to shake, it signals trout on! The province’s online fish stocking list is a good place to start your research.

More Info: www.ontario.ca/page/ontarios-fish-stocking-program

—Gord Pyzer

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