3 things to know about your hunting dog and its poop


While it’s not really an issue when you’re out in the field hunting, taking care of your dog’s business is mandatory anywhere else others might step in it—and that includes your own backyard. Not only does dog waste smell awful and damage grass, it can also carry everything from E. coli and salmonella to tapeworms and roundworms. So, what’s the best way to deal with those nasty lawn mines? Put on your rubber gloves and read on.



Nitrogen and salts in dog urine and feces can create yellow spots on your lawn, much like a burn from an overdose of fertilizer. The best defence is to promptly pick up the poop and dilute the pee spots with water. Even better, train your dog to go somewhere other than the lawn, such as a patch of gravel or wood mulch. Also make sure your dog drinks plenty of water throughout the day, which will dilute the salty urine before it hits the lawn.

When your hunting dog isn’t afield, poop is a fact of life


If your puppy eats its own poop—your secret is safe with me!—there are some simple fixes. For starters, promptly picking up the stool will lessen the chance of the dog eating it. And to help correct the behaviour, you should also give immediate commands such as “No, leave it!” If all else fails, consult your vet, as the condition—known as coprophagia—could be the result of underlying medical problems, not behavioural.


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As the saying goes, sh*t happens—you head to the park for a stroll and five minutes in, Fido leaves a present on the side of the path. As dog owners, it’s our duty to pick up after them. Luckily, that’s not too onerous if you have the proper supplies. For example, I like Nite Ize’s Pack-a-Poo, which clips to a belt loop or leash and dispenses compostable bags. Whatever works for you, just be prepared to stoop and scoop when the inevitable happens.