4 expert tips for picking the perfect hunting pack

Tote talk

A primer on picking the proper pack for your hunting forays


Waist packs are ideal for short, grab-and-go hunts, or when you’re hunting from a stand. Generally, they have a single main compartment, and perhaps one or two smaller ones. Many hunters find them uncomfortable, however, because they have a tendency to slide up and down your body when you walk. Fortunately, lumbar packs—hybrids of waist packs and traditional daypacks—solve that problem. They centre the load around your waist, and are supported by shoulder straps or a shoulder yoke. I’ve come to appreciate lumbar packs for short hunts, as they aren’t as confining as typical daypacks and they’re considerably more comfortable than regular waist packs.

Then there are chair packs, which incorporate drop-down padded seats. They’re ideal for hunting from the ground when you want to set up quickly and remain mobile. Many chair packs feature extendable aluminum legs, offering support so you can lean back in comfort. These packs are typically designed for predator and turkey hunters, but they’re also practical for hunters who rattle deer, or call elk or moose.

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