4 paddle-friendly Canadian fishing spots from Chad Hoover of TV’s Kayak Bassin’


Chad Hoover shares some superb kayak fishing hot spots for bass and walleye

To compile Outdoor Canada’s 2020 fishing hot spots feature story, we turned to our friends at Sportsman Channel Canada. The hosts of 19 Canadian fishing shows agreed to reveal their top choices, along with tips on when to go and how best to tackle the fish. For all the hot spots, see our 2020 Fishing Special issue, or check out the growing list at www.outdoorcanada.ca/2020HotSpots.



Kayak Bassin’ takes the audience along on action-packed backwoods adventures, with host Chad Hoover sharing valuable bass-fishing tips and tricks along the way. The show hopes to educate even those viewers who have never considered fishing from a kayak. Learn more: www.kayakbassinshow.com



  1. CLAYTON LAKE, ONTARIO: Largemouth & smallmouth bass

THE ATTRACTION: A Lanark County lake featuring great fishing spots accessible only by kayak, with amazing topwater bites in the lily pads

BEST TIME: Late-June opener through July


TOP TACTIC: Fish a topwater Zoom Horny Toad, rigged weedless.


  1. JACKSON LAKE, ONTARIO: Largemouth bass

THE ATTRACTION: The bass may lack in size, but they make up for it in numbers on this tiny Ottawa Valley lake, which is accessible by kayak only (motorboats are prohibited)

BEST TIME: All summer

TOP TACTIC: Fish wacky-rigged Senko-style baits.


  1. OTTAWA RIVER, QUEBEC: Largemouth & smallmouth bass

THE ATTRACTION: Known to locals as “the Marshes,” a bass-filled section of kayak-accessible back bays on the Quebec side of the river between Big Island and Île Lemoine

BEST TIME: Late-June opener through August

TOP TACTIC: Fish a topwater Zoom Horny Toad, rigged weedless.


  1. YOKE LAKE, ONTARIO: Smallmouth bass & walleye

THE ATTRACTION: Fishing out of fly-in Slippery Winds Wilderness Lodge, anglers have access to Yoke and five other lakes, including three portage lakes, featuring bass, lakers, muskies, pike and walleye

BEST TIME: Late June/early July

TOP TACTIC: Fish quarter-ounce hair jigs for smallmouths; jig minnows for walleye.


ALSO PICKED: Wollaston Lake, Saskatchewan, for pike

*This hot spot was picked by other anglers in our survey. Find the complete list at www.outdoorcanada.ca/2020hotspots.