Image Via: Mike Hungle
Image Via: Mike Hungle

7 awesome walleye jigs that belong in every angler’s tacklebox

The jig picture

Jigging success depends on picking the proper presentation—and jig style

Stand-up jig

The stand-up jig features a flat bottom and an angled hook. When cast or simply dropped, it does exactly what its name implies—it stands up on the lake bottom, with the shank sticking up at roughly a 45-degree angle. This makes it suitable for fishing over rocks and around timber, as the raised hook is less likely to get snagged.

On the drop, the flat bottom causes the jig (below) to drop more slowly than a round-head. And since walleye often inhale jigs on the drop, the stand-up is perfect for suspended walleye that have appeared on your electronics. Also, the blunt bottom displaces more lake bottom sediment on impact, which can trigger walleye to investigate.


This jig works very well when tipped with a frozen or live minnow. With a frozen minnow, the presentation looks like an unsuspecting baitfish feeding nose down. With a live minnow, the presentation is even more enticing, as the minnow will wiggle, yet stay put in the same spot.

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