Scott Gardner
Scott Gardner

Why this Saskatchewan lodge may have Canada’s best pike fishing

This may be Canada’s best pike fishing

Some places have big northerns, some have lots of them, but Cree River Lodge has both

This is a story about a very special place: the Cree River and Wapata Lake, way up in northern Saskatchewan, just 100 kilometres below the 60th parallel. Just how special was it? Well, in four days on the water at Cree River Lodge I saw and caught more and bigger northern pike than I ever thought possible.

This was my fourth visit to a remote northern lodge, and I’ve caught big pike on both spin and fly gear. But I have never seen—or really imagined—a pike fishery of this quality. Plus there were Arctic grayling and endless numbers of walleye. At a conservative estimate, my group of four must have boated at least 400 fish, including over 20 pike of trophy size—and 98% of the northerns came out of water less than three feet deep. If you like pike, put this place on your “must-visit” list. Here’s a taste of the action, with fish porn aplenty.


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