Adventures with Dad at Northern Saskatchewan’s Milton Lake Lodge: Day 4

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. For my pop and I, today was another great day on the water at Milton Lake Lodge, especially weather-wise: sunny, with some afternoon cloud, and temps in the  low 20s. We spent the morning in the river channel north of camp sight-fishing for northern pike, with me on the fly rod and Dad tossing tin. Again, though, nothing over 40 inches, but we did catch 22 fish before breaking for lunch (that’s one of the mid-30s fish, pictured).

After shorelunch (freshly caught pike in beer batter), we opted to chill out and troll for lakers. Well, Naoto and Dad trolled for trout. I kicked back on the bow deck for a siesta. I guess the fishing was a bit slow, because there were no whoops and hollers to wake me up.

I’m a bit late posting this blog, having just gotten back in from a post-dinner night fish with Naoto and his brother Yoshi (who is also guiding here), guide Josh Nugent, a couple of the girls on staff and Fly Nation TV’s Nick Pujic. Nick is here shooting some footage for an upcoming episode, so we did a few fun “interview” type sequences. We had a lot of laughs, especially during the battle of the two boats over the meagre supply of Muskol and licorice sticks, until the swarming mosquitoes forced us back to the lodge.

Dad has already hit the hay, but I know he had a good Father’s Day—complete with yet another steak dinner. Honestly, we’re both going to need to go on diets when we get back home to Ontario. Lodge co-owner Maxine Key and her staff have not only been making sure we get in plenty of fishing, they’re also making sure we have plenty of excellent food to eat.

And at that, I must sign off. It’s 11:30 p.m., the sun is finally just below the horizon (as far down as it will get), and I should get some shut-eye. We have another full day of fishing tomorrow, our last, and I want to put Dad behind a truly giant fish. Time to rest up.

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