Alberta Fish and Game Association welcomes new executive director


With more than 20 years experience in natural resource management and environmental conservation, the AFGA’s new executive director, Delinda Ryerson, is looking forward to helping the association meet its objectives and goals in the coming years. Most recently, Ryerson was the executive director of the Alberta Invasive Species Council, where she helped educate the public about the negative impacts of feral pigs, Prussian carp and more.

“I’m a big communicator, and pretty gregarious for a biologist,” says Ryerson, who took over from departing executive vice-president Martin Sharren in October. “I love getting out there, and sharing my knowledge about natural history and conservation and environmental stewardship.”


That commitment to communication will no doubt help her develop opportunities for AFGA to support and diversify its membership and programs, and to motivate current and future members to be active participants in the conservation and use of our natural resources. “I want to bring some of these educational messages about conservation, natural history and environmental stewardship to different people in different avenues than maybe we’ve done,” she says. “I want to bolster our newsletter, our conference speakers and social media, and get communicating with all kinds of different ages and types of people so they get more involved and more interested in conservation.”

New AFGA executive director Delinda Ryerson

Ryerson’s past roles have included: resource conservation manager with Parks Canada, wildlife biologist, fisheries biologist and environmental impact assessment biologist with the Government of Alberta as well as environmental project manager with the Alberta Biodiversity Monitoring Institute.

“I’m hoping to not only maintain the amazing relationships we already have, but to take my network and build new partnerships,” she says. “I’ve always been a proud member of the AFGA, and now I’m thrilled to be able to lead this organization into 2020 and beyond.”


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