Best Rapala Lures for Ice Fishing

The Question

Dear Gord,

I read your ice fishing story in the latest Outdoor Canada (“8 top secrets revealed,” Winter 2012) and I have to ask: What is the optimum size you should use for a Rattlin’ Rap to charm those walleye through the ice?

Brock Kramble

The Answer

First a small but important correction: We’ve found the Rapala’s Clackin’ Raps to be the best of the lipless lures. I’m sure the Rattlin’ Rap will work too, but the Clackin’ Rap is the one I wrote about, and it is deadly.

The two best sizes are the CNR06 (2½ inches) and CNR07 (2¾ inches). I especially like the bigger 7 when the fish are aggressive and biting well. Also, it tends to call in the bigger walleyes from a greater distance.

The 06, on the other hand, is ideal when the walleyes are a little negative or neutral. It is also the better model if you’re fishing for “normal” size walleyes, versus the 10-pound-plus trophies that I like to target. Bottom line, though, is that you really do need both. Then experiment and let the fish tell you which model and size they want on any given day.

Good luck,

Gord Pyzer

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