Blue Fish Radio: A new virus is killing muskies in the St. Lawrence. Here’s what we know

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Blue Fish Radio producer/host Lawrence Gunther (right) with a St. Lawrence River muskie

In the mid-2000s, St. Lawrence River muskies were hit hard by a virus that killed many of the large breeding fish, and now it may be happening again.

Dr John Farrell and PhD candidate Anna Conklyn from the Thousand Islands Biological Station are part of a research initiative exploring the link between a new virus carried by invasive round gobies, and its apparent impact on muskies in areas of the St. Lawrence River


Listen below to hear Blue Fish Radio producer/host Lawrence Gunther in conversation with muskie researchers Farrell (above left) and Conklyn (above right), as they discuss the situation, and what can be done to protect the river’s magnificent muskies.

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