Blue Fish Radio: How the Liberals Can Fix the Fisheries Act

Anastasia Lintner on Recommendations to Canada's Fisheries Act

In 2012, this critical conservation act was gutted like a salmon. It’s time to restore it

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Anastasia Lintner
Anastasia Lintner

Anastasia Lintner (above) was hired by 50 water activist organizations to draft recommended amendments to Canada’s Fisheries Act as part of the Department of Ocean and Fisheries consultation process. Lawrence and Anastasia discuss the importance of using protection zones prudently, the need to include both indigenous and local voices at decision-making tables, why ministerial discretion needs to be transparent, and the importance of putting back safeguards that were removed from the Fisheries Act in 2012.

To hear the interview now, check below. To download this podcast to your device, go to the Blue Fish Radio home page.

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