Via: Shawn McCready
Via Shawn McCready

Blue Fish Radio: Why This B.C. Angling Group Is Feeding the Killer Whales

Anglers Coalition Means Good News for Whales

South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition releases millions of chinook—as orca fodder

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Sun Cruise Media
Sun Cruise Media

Taking a big picture approach is exactly what Christopher Bos (above) and the South Vancouver Island Anglers Coalition (SVIAC) is doing with their plans for introducing millions of chinook salmon into the Pacific. Tired of watching their ecosystem slowly deteriorate due to a host of documented pressures, this group of concerned citizens is taking action. Their goal: to introduce enough salmon into the Pacific Ocean off the south end of Vancouver Island to ensure an ample supply of food for the three area Orca pods. SVIAC understands that if the apex predator in the system is doing well, then the entire ecosystem is strong.

To learn more, listen to Lawrence’s interview with Christopher Bos. And for more on the salmon introduction program, see

To hear the interview now, check below. To download this podcast to your device, go to the Blue Fish Radio home page.

Listen to “Christopher Bos the Anglers Coalition and Orcas” on Spreaker.

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