What a prairie Canadian hunter learned about wild pig hunting in California

Hog wild

It takes a keen eye, steady hand and reliable ride to take down a boar in this part of the world

In June, 2018, Saskatchewan contributor Lowell Strauss travelled to Paso Robles, California, to test drive Textron Off Road’s latest side-by-sides and knock down his second-ever wild pig. Along with a sense of adventure and his passport, he brought his camera and notebook to capture the highlights.


Spot-and-stalk is an effective way to hunt wild pigs in California

Wild boar are creatures of habit. The hogs of central California have learned the best way to save their bacon is to feed in the grain fields at night and head for the safety of the heavy cover before sunrise. The guides at Oak Stone Outfitters know this high country well, and take us to a likely ridge. In the pre-dawn light we glass the valleys for pigs on the move—it’s a perfect spot for a “ham-bush.”

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