Crawling Valley Reservoir

Crawling Valley Reservoir


Species: Pike, Walleye/Pickerel

Coordinates: 50° 54€² 7€³ N, 112° 21€² 10€³ W


Location: Alberta

Surface Area: 25.1km²

Why We Chose It: Walleye; Huge walleye population close to Calgary


When to Fish: All season.

Where to Fish: Edges of the shallows by the campsite or the weir/spillway area.


Tip: Use jigs and twister tails, small spoons or size 4 to 6 Clouser Minnows on a 6- or 7-weight fly rod.

—Connor & Michael Gelinas, host of Fishing with the Dodger

Why We Chose It: Pike; Good numbers and great scenery

When to Fish: Late June to early July.

Where to Fish: The outer edges of mid-lake humps, and back bays on the lake’s east side; shore anglers fish the berms at either end of the reservoir.

Tip: Use a jig tipped with a minnow, smelt or worm, or troll an orange Syclops.

—Scott Rawlings, host of Fishing Alberta