Species: Pike, Trout, Walleye/Pickerel

Coordinates: 57° 22€² 11.5176€³ N, -106° 49€² 28.365€³ W


Location: Saskatchewan

Why we chose it

Lake trout; Numerous five- to 10-pound fish and the odd 20- to 40-pounder

When to fish: Spring or late August.


Where to fish: Island shorelines and mid-lake shoals.

Tip: Troll a 90 Series Williams Whitefish tipped with a scented tube jig.


Pike; Light angling pressure, huge fish, and great scenery and accommodations

When to fish: Late June and early July.

Where to fish: Back bays.

Tip: Cast or troll large Whitefish, Wablers and Syclops (white or orange), or throw topwaters. Fly anglers use giant streamers or poppers.

Walleye; Light pressure and great scenery

When to fish: Right after ice-out (in late June/early July) and toward the end of August.

Where to fish: Small rivers and channels that feed into the lake.

Tip: Troll spoons or jig soft-plastic grubs.

—Scott Rawlings, host of Fishing Alberta