Fishing reel

Day Five at Wolf Lake, Yukon

When I first came up here, the thing that intrigued me most was the Arctic grayling fishing on the Wolf River. After that first taste a few days ago, I knew I had to go back. And that’s where today was spent. It was insane. At one point, Ted, Gord and I started counting our collective catches, all on nymphs—in less than an hour we had 50 fish (this when Gord stopped adding in his catches!). Later, I switched to dries after they started rising. There was no sense counting. Like I said, insane.

The highlight, though, came when Ted spotted a big laker slashing through a pool, chowing down on the grayling. Even though I was on a 6-wt. set-up, I quickly clipped off my nymph and tied on a big pike streamer I happened to have in my vest. Four casts later, on the fourth strip—boom!—game on. Many thanks to Ted for spotting the fish and directing my winning cast (I couldn’t see the laker, so I was casting blind until the third cast, when the big fish slashed at it and missed). Oh, and good work on the net, too, Ted. Wicked. Tomorrow, the last day for Gord and I, we have only thing in mind: heading back to the Wolf River and heading downstream as far as possible.