Fishing reel

Days Three & Four at Wolf Lake, Yukon


Too much fishing to blog. Watch the March 2010 issue of Outdoor Canada for full details of this trip, but here’s a brief rundown of the last two days.

After a slow morning on Wolf (just one laker), Day 3’s adventure was a visit to neighbouring Wolverine Lake for some pike action. Nothing big, but plenty of fish pulled from the weed edges (I stopped counting after 10 on my line). In the evening, it was back onto Wolf after dinner for a fish with Gord; I got two lakers on a glow #3 Syclops (dramatically downsizing from the big swimbaits and Half Wave and Five of Diamond spoons). This after British anglers Frank Dales and John Horsey figured out it was worth downsizing our baits. The reason? One of their catches coughed up some tiny pin minnows. Good thinking.


On the morning of Day 4, I caught just one laker, again on the Syclops. After lunch, we hiked into May Lake, ostensibly to catch pike. There were a couple of sandy bays full of smaller fish, as well as some redfin trout on the outer edges. The north end of the lake featured a gravel shore, also full of pike. In all, Gord and I caught around 15 pike. I also caught two incidental redfins. Back on Wolf after dinner, I joined Gord and Ted at the very south end, where I caught two redfins, again on the Syclops (Ted caught four on a red bodied Pixie). The highlight of the evening (we fishing until well after “sunset” at around 11:30 p.m.) was when Frank Dales nailed an 11-pound laker on a tiny chironomid fly in the wide-open south end of the lake—fulfilling his goal of a double-digit laker on the fly.

Today, Gord, Ted and I are heading back to the Wolf River for more grayling, and a bit of exploration.