Del Barber
Del Barber

Prairie singer-songwriter Del Barber reveals his top fishing spots


For our 2016 Fishing Special issue, Outdoor Canada recruited a supergroup of acclaimed Canadian recording artists, who also happen to be hard-core anglers. And these fishin’ musicians agreed to sing about their favourite Canadian fishing holes—74 in all. For the full list, see The Fishin’ Musicians.

Del Barber
Del Barber

Independent singer-songwriter Del Barber from Inglis, Manitoba, is so in tune with his roots that he recorded his most recent album, Prairieography, in a grain silo. With diverse influences spanning five decades and many genres, Barber’s music is a hard-to-pin-down blend of folk, rock and alt-country. But at its core are his sincere storytelling and vocals. Barber has also been fishing since he could hold a rod. “It’s always been an essential part of my life,” he says. During his musical travels, Barber has fished all over the country, with his hot spots ranging across Central and Western Canada. Learn more:


Favourite Fish: Rainbow trout, walleye

Favourite Type of Fishing: Dry-fly fishing

Favourite Fishing Song: “Fishin’ Blues” by Taj Mahal


Duck Mountains, Manitoba

GPS: 51.666, -100.908

Fish: Brown and lake trout, muskie, northern pike


Why: Dozens of waterbodies, with endless opportunities—it’s paradise to me

Best Time: Spring to early summer

Best Lures, Flies: Jigs, spoons, streamers, chironomids

Eastern Slopes, Alberta

GPS: 51.057, -115.310

Fish: Brook, brown, bull, cutthroat, golden and rainbow trout

Why: Many rivers well worth exploring

Best Time: All summer

Best Fly: Match the hatch

Lake of the Prairies, Manitoba

GPS: 50.990, -101.407

Fish: Walleye

Why: My home water, where walleye seem to reproduce in massive numbers

Best Time: Summer

Best Bait: Bottom bouncer and nightcrawler

Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba

GPS: 52.746, -98.091

Fish: Walleye

Why: Some days you can catch more than one fish over 30 inches

Best Time: Winter

Best Lures: Jig and minnow, lipless rattling crankbait

Nipigon River, Ontario

GPS: 49.067, -88.305

Fish: Brook trout

Why: My favourite trip of the year

Best Time: Spring

Best Lure, Fly: Bucktail jig, sculpin-imitating streamer