Exclusive video tip: Fall for rats (and other topwater big-bass baits)

Why the year's biggest fish love surface baits

Expert tips for fishing hollow-bodied rats, frogs and mice

Bass anglers love to say that they would rather catch one fish on a surface bait than 10 on a deep-diving subsurface lure.

I am not sure about that ratio, but there is no denying there is something special about having a giant smallmouth or humongous largemouth inhale your surface lure.

Especially a hollow soft plastic frog.

It is a worn out cliché, I know, but when a big bass sucks in Kermit as you’re hopping him from one lily pad to the next, it’s like someone on Sesame Street flushed the toilet. No matter how often you have had it happen, you are still mesmerized for the moment.

Funny thing, too, is that every year some of the biggest smallmouth that we catch show up where they’re not suppose to be, in thick weeds, when we are fishing for largemouth.

And I won’t even talk about the numbers of pike that eat your frogs, mice and rats.  Some days they drive you absolutely crazy.

As good as hollow soft plastic amphibians can be, however, there are still a couple of tricks that you can add to your tool box that will make them even better.  It is the subject of this week’s Fish Talk With The Doc video tip that you can watch by clicking on the following link.


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