Species: Deer, Duck, Goose, Grouse, Moose, Woodcock

Coordinates: 45° 57€² 0€³ N, 66° 40€² 0€³ W


Population: 50,500

Why We Chose It:

You don’t need to go far from Fredericton to get into some quality hunting. Situated along the Saint John River Valley in the south of the province, the city boasts a good mix of farmland and deciduous forests in the immediate vicinity, more rugged wilderness to the north and a network of lakes to the east and south. New Brunswick whitetails are abundant throughout the farm country, though the biggest bucks come from the big timber country to the north. That’s also where the province’s black bears are most numerous. If you can snag a permit in the draw, there’s also moose hunting. When it comes to upland gunning, the woodcock hunting is legendary during the October migration, and ruffed grouse are plentiful most seasons. Waterfowling for Canada geese and ducks is well worth writing home about in the lake country stretching from Fredericton down to Saint John. As the seat of the provincial government with all of its incumbent advantages, Fredericton maintains a friendly, small-town feel, yet it’s big enough to provide excellent schooling—complete with two universities—international cuisine and a variety of cultural events. Three gun shops and two gunsmiths provide specialized services to Fredericton-area shooters, and one big-box store also sells hunting equipment.


George Gruenefeld

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