Fishing reel

Grand River


Species: Bass, Steelhead, Trout

Coordinates: 42° 51€² 19€³ N, 79° 34€² 40€³ W


Location: Ontario

Length: 280 km

Why We Chose It: In 2010, Rainbow trout; Giant fish


When to Fish: The action peaks from mid-May to late July then again from September through December.

Where to Fish: Fish near the town of Waterdown.


Tip: Use minnow imitation flies for these very aggressive fish.

—Mark Melnyk, host of the World Fishing Network’s Reel Road Trip

Why We Chose It: Brown trout; Prolific hatches and numbers of fish

When to Fish: The third week of May until early July is prime.

Where to Fish: Fish deep pools near Fergus and Elora.

Tip: Swing and pull large streamers through pools for large fish; dries and nymphs also produce well.

—Todd Oishi, national competition and sponsorship chairman of Fly Fishing Canada

Why We Chose It: In 2008, Brown trout; Excellent fishing

When to Fish: All season long.

Where to Fish: Runs, riffles, pools and seams in the upper river.

Tip: Blue-Winged Olive dries, Hendrickson Nymphs and Woolly Buggers work best.

Why We Chose It: Smallmouth bass; Good numbers of fish

When to Fish: July and August.

Where to Fish: Boulders, seams and drop-offs in the river’s lower section.

Tip: Cast streamers and Woolly Buggers.

Why We Chose It: Steelhead; Good runs of fish

When to Fish: Late October through November.

Where to Fish: Seams, runs and boulders in the lower river.

Tip: Try spey flies, nymphs or egg flies.

—Colin McKeown, host of The New Fly Fisher