Harbercraft is Outdoor Canada’s Official New Fishing Boat Partner


Don’t get me wrong: I can’t wait to launch my upcoming tyee quest out of B.C.’s Great Pacific Salmon Lodge (see yesterday’s blog posting). But I also can’t wait to get back home to Ontario afterwards. That’s because the spanking brand new Outdoor Canada boat will be tricked out and waiting to be picked up when I return next Thursday.

Yes, I’m pleased to announce that Outdoor Canada has partnered with Canadian boat maker Harbercraft, the new supplier of the official Outdoor Canada fishing boat. This year we will be running Harbercraft’s 1925 Discovery (pictured above), one of the 50-year-old boat maker’s famed welded aluminum outboard models—and I’m dying to get it out on the water. Many thanks to Harbercraft/Westwinn Group Corporation’s Andrew Klopak and John Butts for all their work to help make this branding partnership come together.

Speaking of getting out on the water in our new Harbercraft, please watch this space, as well as the Outdoor Canada website homepage, for regular updates on when and where the Outdoor Canada crew will be out and about with our sweet new ride. The boat will also feature in the magazine as we check out new waters and test the latest tackle and techniques. If you spot us out on the water, please come by to say hello. And yes, permission to board is granted.