How much do you know about Canada’s hunting and fishing history? Take our quiz!


THE 1990s

#1  In 1990, this Ontario angler became the first person outside of the U.S. to ever qualify for, and compete in, the Bassmaster Classic.


a. Charles Sim

b. Hank Gibson

c. Rocky Crawford


d. Wil Wegman

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): A.Miehls/USGS, Wikimedia Commons-Peter van der Sluijs, Invasive Carp Regional Coordinating Committee, Wikimedia/Christian Fischer

#2  This aquatic invader was first found in North America in the St. Clair River north of Windsor, Ontario, in 1990.


a. Quagga mussel

b. Round goby

c. Chinese mitten crab

d. Grass carp

#3  In 1990, Canada ratified amendments to the Montreal Protocol, which called for the total phasing out of this ozone-depleting substance by the year 2000.

a. Methane

b. Carbon Dioxide

c. Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs)

d. Nitrous Dioxide

Photo credits (clockwise from top left): Paul Louis Oudart, Marcus Elieser Bloc/Rawpixel, NOAA FIsheries

#4  Due to the collapse of Canada’s Atlantic groundfish fishery in the early 1990s, the federal government declared an indefinite moratorium on fishing this iconic species in 1992.

a. Sole

b. Halibut

c. Haddock

d. Northern cod

Photo credit: Boone and Crockett Club Club Big Game Records Archives

#5  Where in Canada did Milo Hanson shoot his world-record white-tailed buck (above) in 1993?

a. Yukon

b. Saskatchewan

c. Manitoba

d. New Brunswick

#6  Under this federal government program launched in 1995, landowners have donated 211,000 hectares of wildlife habitat, valued at $977 million, to be protected in perpetuity.

a. Ecological Gifts Program

b. Land Trust Alliance

c. Habitat Conservation Partnerships

d. Wildlife Conservation Land Program

#7  How many wild elk did Ontario release between 1998 and 2001 to bolster the remnants of a 1930s attempt to reestablish the extirpated population?

a. 443

b. 587

c. 650

d. 1,080

Photo credits (L to R): CBC; Miramax/Everett Collection; Alan Light; MoviestoreCollection/Rex Features

#8  During the 1990s, which Canadian actor starred in Japanese commercials for Shimano?

a. Gordon Pinsent

b. Neve Campbell

c. Mike Myers

d. Michael J. Fox

#9  In 1998, all 26 federal, provincial and territorial Ministers of Energy and Environment signed on to a strategy to combat what problem?

a. Wildlife habitat loss

b. Acid rain

c. Invasive aquatic species

d. Climate change

e. None of the above

#10  In what year was lead shot banned for hunting waterfowl in fields across Canada?

a. 1991

b. 1994

c. 1996

d. 1999