How much do you know about Canada’s hunting and fishing history? Take our quiz!


THE 2000s

 #1  In 2000, what province was first to discover chronic wasting disease in wild cervids?

a. Alberta


b. Saskatchewan

c. Manitoba

d. Quebec


#2  In what year did the first-ever National Fishing Week, founded by the late Rick Amsbury, take place?


a. 2009

b. 2007

c. 2004

d. 2000

#3  Which international agreement to fight global climate change did the Canadian parliament ratify in 2002, with the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

a. UN Framework Convention on Climate Change

b. The Copenhagen Accord

c. The Kyoto Protocol

d. The Paris Agreement

#4  The way many of us buy outdoor gear changed forever in 2004 when this U.S. big-box retailer arrived in Canada and soon expanded to six locations across the country. Was it Bass Pro Shops or Cabela’s?

#5  Fish’n Canada produced the world’s first reality-TV fishing show in 2004. What was it called?

a. To Catch a Fish

b. The Final Catch

c. The Last Cull

d. Last Angler Standing

#6  Regarded as the pioneer of Canadian fishing and hunting TV shows, Red Fisher (above), who died in 2006 at age 92, was actually born in the U.S. True or false?

#7  In 2006, the Parliamentary Outdoor Caucus was formed to preserve, promote and protect in law the outdoor heritage activities of hunting, fishing, sport shooting and trapping. Which MPs and senators are eligible to join?

a. Conservatives

b. Liberals

c. New Democrats

d. Any except Greens

e. Any

#8  Which of the following tackle makers did NOT launch in Canada in the 2000s?

a. Lunkerhunt

b. Koppers Fishing and Tackle Corp

c. Freedom Tackle

d. Bass Magnet Lures

#9  Of the following, who was NOT among the first inductees into the Canadian Angler Hall of Fame in 2008?

a. Rick Amsbury

b. Red Fisher

c. John Power

d. Gord Pyzer

#10  Anglers Charles Sim and Nigel Touhey made Canadian tournament history in 2009 with the first-ever five-bass bag topping 30 pounds, at 30.35 pounds. Where were they competing?

a. Lake of the Woods

b. Lake Ontario

c. Lake Simcoe

d. Lake St. Clair

e. Lake St. Francis