How much is your vintage firearm worth? These OC readers find out


I have a new-in-the-box 12-gauge, three-inch shotgun manufactured by Angelo Zoli. The model is a Condor, serial number 94455. It is one of two I purchased in the early 1980s. I would appreciate any information about the manufacturer, and the quality and approximate value of this gun.


Al Szoradi

Deloraine, Manitoba

Angelo Zoli & Sons was one of many gunmakers in the province of Brescia in northern Italy, although I don’t know what year the business began. In 1966, it started making shotguns for Weatherby and marketed them as the “Regency” model. The company went out of business in 1987.


The name Angelo Zoli is often confused with Antonio Zoli, another gunmaker from the same area. There may have been some family connection, but the two businesses were entirely separate. Firearms are still being made under the Antonio Zoli name, but that company doesn’t provide parts or service for any Angelo Zoli guns.

Shotguns from Angelo Zoli were made to sell at a somewhat lower price point than those from other makers of the era, including Antonio Zoli, as well as Beretta and Browning. From everything I’ve read, though, they are safe and serviceable guns.

There’s no collector interest of which I’m aware, however, so their value is purely as sporting firearms. The fact that no parts have been made for 30 years and there’s no factory service may also affect their value. I can’t find any records of recent sales to pin down a price, but I’d estimate your gun is worth $600 to $1,000.