How to call late-winter coyotes into your set-up

Coyote counsel

Distress calls pull in coyotes seeking an easy meal

As winter progresses, the coyote’s natural prey become less active and more difficult to find. That makes mimicking prey in distress a magnet for coyotes seeking an easy meal. E-callers offer a range of calls, but it’s tough to beat the wounded rabbit option. Most e-callers can be operated remotely, so conceal yourself 50 to 100 metres downwind of the call to best avoid detection.


Sweeten the pot by adding a motion decoy next to the call. Mouth calls are also effective, but the challenge with them is that coyotes will home in directly on the source of the call. You can combat that by hunting in pairs, with the shooter situated 50 metres or so downwind of the caller

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