Image Via: Martin Cathrae
Image Via: Martin Cathrae

Hunting wolves can be tough. Here’s how to pattern them

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A simple, step-by-step plan for scouting, setting up and calling

Wolves are among the most difficult big-game animals to hunt, but they can be patterned, particularly when there’s snow on the ground. And there’s no better time to hunt wolves than when it’s cold and they’re moving and hunting more frequently. Locate wolves by scouting prospective areas and looking for fresh sign. Also listen for howling, and watch for scavenging birds, which may indicate a fresh kill.

Martin Cathrae

Once you know wolves are around, set up a blind and lure them in by baiting (where legal) or by calling with rabbit-in-distress wails or fawn bleats. Some experienced wolf hunters use a doe decoy and an e-caller with regular success. Set your blind well back from your bait or decoy and ensure it’s well camouflaged. Winter wolf hunting is a game of patience, so dress warmly and remain vigilant—your only opportunity may be fleeting.

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