James Bay watershed

James Bay watershed

Species: Pike, Walleye/Pickerel

Coordinates: 53° 0€² 0€³ N, 80° 0€² 0€³ W

Location: Quebec

Why we chose it: Pike; Huge fish

When to fish: Any time.

Where to fish: Try fishing from the banks of Duncan dyke, part of the main LG2 Reservoir.

Tip: Cast just about anything, though red-and-white spoons are a local favourite.

Why we chose it: Walleye; Relatively untouched territory and lots of fish

When to fish: June, July and August.

Where to fish: Fish shaded dropoffs.

Tip: Cast or troll jigs tipped with soft-plastic curly tails, or troll spinner rigs.

—George Polsky, manager at Caribou Lures

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