Fishing reel

Kitimat River


Species: Salmon, Steelhead

Coordinates: 52° 8€² 0€³ N, 118° 27€² 0€³ W


Location: British Columbia

Why we chose it

In 2010, Steelhead; Large fish close to town

When to fish: The third week of May, August and September through to the first three weeks of November are best.


Where to fish: There are numerous potential areas, but start by the bridge in town.

Tip: Use spoons and plugs or try bottombouncing.


—Ryan Kohler, vice-president of Wild TV

In 2008, Chinook; The best opportunity to hook a tyee over 40 pounds

When to fish: June and July.

Where to fish: The river’s lower section.

Tip: Pull an orange-pink Storm Wiggle Wart, rigged single barbless.

—Mark Pendlington, host of Sportfishing BC