Fishing reel

Kluane Lake


Species Arctic grayling, Pike

Coordinates 61° 15€² 0€³ N, 138° 40€² 0€³ W


Location: British Columbia

Surface area: 400 km²

Why we chose it

In 2009, Pike; Good fly fishing for large fish in shallow water, and a great lodge 


When to fish: Just after ice-out is best.

Where to fish: Focus on shallow bays and drop-offs.


Tip: Toss floating or subsurface flies; large foam poppers work well.

—Barry Stokes, manager at Islander Reels

In 2008, Arctic grayling; Incredible numbers and good-sized fish, great scenery

When to fish: May to October.

Where to fish: Fish current seams, breaks, pools and riffles in an unnamed river accessible to guests at Dalton Trail Lodge.

Tip: Use dry flies during hatches, and nymphs and streamers at other times; or cast small jigs tipped with soft-plastics on ultralight spinning gear.

—Bob Izumi, host of Bob Izumi’s Real Fishing Show