Looking for a new bow sight? Here are some of today’s best options

Oh, how times have changed. Thirty years ago, my bow sight was made of little more than a rough aluminum frame and three screw-in pins. Larger in diameter than what you’d find on today’s sights, the pins had coloured tips, but they were less than ideal for precision aiming. These days, however, I attribute much of my bowhunting success to the precise tunability afforded by contemporary bow sights. Archers can now choose from an array of fixed-pin and dial-up sights, sights with retina alignment, and even digital rangefinding sights, among others.


Whichever sight you select, just be sure it meets your need for focus and accuracy. To facilitate that, many of today’s higher-end bow sights have multi-coloured, light-gathering, fibre-optic, 0.019-inch-diameter pins. In my view, micro-adjust windage and elevation capabilities are another must, especially for fine adjustments. Some sights also have second and third axis adjustments, as well as a built-in sight level to help you avoid canting your bow. Get a sight combining all those features and you’ll have the tool you need to maximize accuracy in the field. To ensure you get the sight that’s right for you, here’s an overview of the various options…