Looking for a new bow sight? Here are some of today’s best options





Most dial-up bow sights have one or more fixed pins, and allow the shooter to set a reference pin to the desired shooting distance by adjusting the sight in line with a preset distance marker tape. Again, some pins are vertical and others are stacked horizontally. Overall, these variable-pin options with a dial-up capability are the most popular sights with today’s bowhunters.


For the majority of my bowhunting, for example, I currently use a Flywheel Multi-Pin Slider Quick-Adjust Sight from Fuse Archery. It gives me a fixed five-pin option for shots out to 60 yards, but it can also be quickly adjusted for precise yardage out to 100 yards. This particular sight also comes in a three-pin option.

More stripped-down dial-up sights are also available. Trophy Ridge, for example, makes a single vertical pin option called the Pursuit. Despite this sight’s simple design, the dial on the outside of the frame allows for precision adjustments. Most archers would set the single pin to either 20 or 30 yards, then dial up to precise distances as needed.