Browning Mountain Pro Long Range


On the range, my evaluation was broken into two sessions. I first shot a variety of handloads, factory hunting ammo and factory match ammo at 100 yards. I then evaluated the 300-yard potential of the top three 100-yard hunting ammo performers. While my handloads delivered consistent MOA type accuracy at 100 yards with an overall average of 1.039 inches, the results were not what I expected.

Not one group approached or bettered a half-inch, while a couple of the factory hunting and match ammo loads did. In fact, Hornady Match 120-grain ELD Match fell just shy of that mythical quarter-inch group. Actually, the rifle liked all of the factory match ammo, with a combined average of 0.538 inches. At 300 yards, meanwhile, Winchester Expedition Long Range 142-grain AccuBond LR separated itself from the pack with a 1.39-inch group (pictured below the charts).







100 yards







Advertised velocity



Group size    (inches)

Hornady Outfitter 120-grain GMX 2,925 2.556
Hornady Superformance 129-grain SST 2,950 1.272
Hornady Precision Hunter 143-grain ELD-X 2,700 1.092
Federal Premium 120-grain Trophy Copper 2,800 1.142
Federal Premium 130-grain Barnes TSX 2,825  



Fusion 140-grain 2,750 0.778
Barnes VOR-TX 127-grain LRX 2,825 0.598
Winchester Deer Season XP 125-grain Extreme Point 2,850 0.755
Winchester Expedition Long Range 142-grain AccuBond 2,700 0.630
Sako Gamehead Pro 130-grain Tipped GameKing 2,855 0.670



100 yards

 Bullet Powder Case  

Manual velocity*   (fps)


Group size     (inches)
Hornady 129-grain SST StaBall 6.5 Hornady 2,756 0.965
Hornady 140-grain SP InterLock H4350 Hornady 2,770 0.810
Hornady 143-grain ELD-X StaBall 6.5 Hornady 2,740 0.720
Hornady 140-grain SST StaBall 6.5 Hornady 2,806 1.265
Hornady 12,9-grain SST Win760 Hornady 2,900 1.145
Barnes 120-grain TSX StaBall 6.5 Hornady 3,004 1.375
Barnes 127-grain LRX StaBall 6.5 Hornady 2,765 0.995


* Note: “Manual Velocity” refers to the velocity taken from the manufacturer’s reloading manual for that bullet weight and powder charge.



100 yards

   Brand  Bullet Advertised velocity

Group size     (inches)


Hornady Match 120-grain ELD Match 2,910 0.280
Hornady Match 140-grain ELD Match 2,710 0.558
Federal Premium Gold Medal Match 130-grain Open Point Match 2,875 0.778


300 yards

  Brand  Bullet  

Advertised velocity



Group size      (inches)


Winchester Expedition 142-grain AccuBond LLR 2,700 1.390
Barnes Vor-TX LR 127-grain LRX 2,825 2.430
Sako Gamehead Pro 130-grain Tipped Game King 2,855 2.560